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How does it work?

Art-Fridge is a virtual fridge that can be managed by an unlimited number of users in real time. Leave your notes to other users and get notifications about notes that were left for you. Share interesting links, announcements or news. Make your own photo gallery. Reply to comments.

If you do not want to miss anything important, create your own virtual fridge, save its unique link and share it with your close people.

  • A note
    Make a grocery list and put on a sticker with all the things you need to buy on your fridge. Make a to-do list, and it will allow you to monitor easily all the things you need to do, as well as when you need to do them.
  • A week's Menu
    A menu for the week is for those who care about their nutrition. Plan your personal menu for the week and fix it on your virtual fridge using stickers. It will save your time and give you an opportunity to make detailed meal plans for each day of the week.
  • Photo magnet
    Freshen up your memories of the cities you have been to.  Create a fridge photo magnet, and it will hold a place of honour on your fridge. You can turn your fridge into a photo gallery: every time you open the fridge, you recall the pleasant moments of the past and enjoy the smiles on the faces of your relatives and friends.
  • Links
    Invite your friends to the cinema or concert by posting a link to the event or simply share the links.